Overdue Update

Overdue Update

Well a lot has happened in the past couple of months and I thought I’d finally give an update. Favorite restaurants that I have been to recently: Serpas, in the Old 4th Ward – Went for brunch and it was YUMMY! Highly recommend going for brunch and then walking the Beltline LadyBird Grove & Mess [...]

Thirsty Thursday

To all those who called me out during my two month hiatus from the Southern Sweet City, I thank you. During the weeks leading up to my return (that sounds dramatic but oh well) I had several people ask why I hadn't been posting or say that they really enjoyed my blog and that really [...]

Friday Funday

Whenever I get bored I find myself on Pinterest and when I find myself bored with Pinterest I get on Etsy. A few months ago I was looking through for a typography print that would fit a frame I bought. (I didn’t realize while purchasing the frame that it was somewhat of an unusual size) I [...]