Demo Day

Lesson Number 1: Don’t buy a house in the fall.

Before doing anything inside the house, we had to tackle cleaning up the yard. The house was vacant while it was listed so the yard had not been maintained and leaves were at least a foot high. Thankfully, my parents, brother and brother-in-law all helped me work in the yard for an entire day to get it cleaned up. I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without them!


The major plans for the house are:

  • The current living room, dining room, office, and kitchen will become one open kitchen/dining/living space with a half bath and laundry room.
  • The current laundry space and the existing master bathroom will become one large master bathroom.
  • The hallway that runs from the kitchen to the bedrooms will become the master closet.
  • Adding a double vanity, removing the side windows, extending the mirror, and adding a window above the mirror in the Jack & Jill bathroom between the guest bedrooms.

To see the original photos, click here.

The existing kitchen and laundry area. demo-2

The hallway which will become the master closet.demo

Standing in the current office looking through to the dining room and kitchen. demo-4

The entire house had been pretty much torn apart before the dumpster even arrived. I am sure my neighbors already hate me – but it’ll be worth it! IMG_0588.JPG

Demo started on Monday and the dumpster was delivered on Wednesday morning. It was completely full by that afternoon. unnamed

I can’t believe this is all happening and so fast! . XOXO

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