Where Has The Time Gone? 5 Year Reunion

Well my 5 year high school reunion was on Saturday. Talk about a reality check! I always thought high school reunions were for old people and now I guess I am an old person. No offense to anyone with the old people comment – its just hard to believe I’ve been out of high school for five years. I still feel like I am playing dressup in my mom’s work clothes every day that I come into the office.

The reunion was at Big Sky Buckhead which is within walking distance from my apartment and I’ve been to on several occasions. Its a fun place but I was a little nervous going into it so I drug my boyfriend (Robert) along. And I am happy that I did because I am too awkward for these types of situations. Since the bar was not rented out there were several groups of people who were not affiliated with my high school and that was a curve ball for me. This gave the added task of figuring out a) which people didn’t go to my high school at all or b) which people I just didn’t remember because they looked completely different.

Outfit: Leather Leggings (American Threads)
Faux Fur Vest (American Threads)
Black Top (My roommate’s from Fab’rik)
Necklace (BaubleBar)
Earrings (Moon & Lola)

It ended up being a great event and there was no reason for me to be nervous about going! There were so many people who I have lost touch with that I got to see which was amazing. It is crazy to hear what everyone is doing with their lives now. Everyone seems so successful and happy! I guess that is sort of the point of these things but it was all true. I always knew the people from my high school would go far but it is crazy to see that it is actually happening. When did we get so old?  From big four accounting firms to a cook at one of the top restaurants in Atlanta – everyone is doing remarkable things. So many people have found their passions and have really excelled!


I was most surprised about the number of people who ended up in Chicago and more surprised that they all came back for the event! That is true dedication. I can’t say I would’ve done the same but I am very glad they did. At the next reunion we should give an award to the person who travels the farthest and they should drink free all night! 🙂

Robert was such a great sport going with me to my reunion!

Overall it was so great to see everyone and a big thank you to the hostesses of the night: Ali Noeltner, Kelsey Darden, and Kira Hooks. They planned a great event and I think everyone had a wonderful night. I am absolutely horrible at keeping in touch with people but I really hope that I am better during the next five years. Cheers to the Class of 2009!

For your enjoyment I have included my senior portrait. Seems like just yesterday!



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