Thirsty Thursday

To all those who called me out during my two month hiatus from the Southern Sweet City, I thank you. During the weeks leading up to my return (that sounds dramatic but oh well) I had several people ask why I hadn’t been posting or say that they really enjoyed my blog and that really surprised me. Honestly I was just busy with life and didn’t have time but it was so great to hear that people noticed. I always just figured my mom was refreshing the website over and over to get me views but it turns out its not her! It is such a great feeling to hear that people care and people notice!

Thank you all for reading! 🙂

Update on my Lust vs Must list

MY VEST came in! I am thrilled and everyone should order one right now. It is the most amazing vest and I am completely obsessed. I ordered a size small and it fits perfectly. I have had trouble finding a vest that didn’t completely swallow me and this is beyond perfect! The color, fit, size…everything is just right! I am beyond excited to wear it this weekend.


Thirsty Thursday

My best friend Madeline’s mom is a mixologist extraordinaire. No joke! Every time I go to their house she has a special concoction which is amazing. Last year for the USC vs UGA game she made pomegranate martinis and I fell in love! They are delicious and will definitely do the trick. I’m not kidding.. you shouldn’t drive after two of these.

Friday we will be celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends from college (Morgan) who will be turning 24. In honor of such a fun and adventurous girl I will be making the pomegranate martinis. Everyone must try this drink and I promise you will love it! They are so good they will knock you off of your feet, literally.

Happy early birthday to the girl who crawled into my Falcons jersey our freshman year of college. You have a heart of gold and I am so #blessed to call you a sis. Love you!


Pomegranate Martinis 

2 Parts Vodka
2 Parts Pomegranate Juice
1 Part Triple Sec (or Sointreau or Grand Marnier)
1 Part Rose’s Lime Juice

For a single serving, blend with ice in a shaker

For a batch, start with 1 part = 1 cup (or more, depending upon the size of your group and your container) and mix together. Cover and store in freezer until serving. If slushy, may have to let it sit out a few minutes and stir before serving.

Serve in chilled martini glass with a lime wheel garnish.

Try adding a splash of dry bubbly wine (like Cava, Prosecco, or inexpensive Sparkling Wine) on top! *I highly recommend this step! Very yummy!*

Last Friday, I had dinner with my bestie (Madeline) who came home from NYC and her mom made them for us! Always delicious and always fun when she comes back in town.


Beware though – you won’t realize how strong they are. Cheers!


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