Fall Flannel Functionality

I live in the weather confused state of Georgia. Chilly mornings and hot days are the first indicators that fall is coming. Like the basic b*tch I am, flannel is one of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons (I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes though so I’m not too basic). I have already whipped out the flannel on several occasions in the past two weeks. Three of the flannel shirts that I have were my dads from back in the 90’s and they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn.
The best part about flannel is that it is functional. Its the one trendy piece that is actually meant to keep you warm which is brilliant.
Family Outting 
Last week I went to dinner/drinks at Ormsby’s here in Atlanta with my brother (Cameron), Jacob, my cousin (Justin), his wife (Emily), and Robert. It was one of those nights when the air was crisp but if you wear a jacket then you’ll be glistening at the bar. I went with my dad’s old flannel and jean shorts ensemble which is the more comfort and less fashion. I put on a BaubleBar chain necklace (mentioned here) to dress it up but since I was with family I wasn’t all too concerned.
Ormsby’s is a great place to socialize and drink because there are so many games! Bocce Ball was by far our favorite but we also dabbled in pool, skee ball, and the ring on the hook game (I’m not entirely sure what it is called). I am horrible at skee ball but surprisingly not too shabby at bocce ball.
Side Note: I had the strawberry and goat cheese salad for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I was just expecting bar food but it was really good! I highly recommend it.
Outfit Inspiration 
Below is the fall outfit I’ve been dreaming of. Comfort and style – what’s not to love? I recently jumped on the hat trend and purchased my first one but I have been a little scared to try it out and it has been a little warm for it. Once it gets a little cooler I will definitely be more brave with the hat situation and give it a try. Fall Flannel
Shop the look at the links below!

Topshop clothing Redress has a similar option.

Forever 21 handbag Only $33!!

Blanket Scarf A Zara look alike!

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