Loren, Kendra, and Gigi…The gang is all here!

My online shopping addition has really hit this week with two purchases and dozens of items in online shopping bags. The two that I gave in to were: 1) Lore Hope bracelet, 2) Gigi New York All in One Clutch.
Recently I came across Loren Hope Jewelry and fell in love. The bright colors are so much fun and every piece is absolutely gorgeous. I love the idea of stacking and layering the bracelets but before I can stack I need to purchase one. After lusting over these jewels for a few weeks I finally broke down and ordered the below bracelet in the electric purple color. I’ve got my eye on this cuff and this bangle too. and It was the hardest decision picking a color but I really wanted something bright and fun.

Another obsession of mine is the Gigi New York All in One bag. This clutch is perfect for all occasions and the perfect pop of color for every outfit. I went with the below pink because its on sale for 50% off (along with other colors so be sure to check out their website). At that price they are practically giving them away so I had to, right?

I am currently lusting over the Kendra Scott necklace and ring. The necklace comes in every color imaginable (literally) and the ring comes in the turquoise pictured below as well as white and black. One reason I’ve held off on buying the necklace is because I can’t figure out which color I would get the most use out of. Sometimes there can be too many options to choose from and it makes the decision too difficult.
I also LOVE these pink strappy heels. I feel like they are so much fun!!! Current Bright Obsessions

GiGi New York All in One Bag  – Currently 50% off with other select colors!! 

Kendra Scott Skylen Ring in Turquoise – Also comes in GORGEOUS pearl white! 

Some stores that I have been loving lately for online shopping include (click the links to go to their websites):


I'd love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas! Please comment!

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