3rd Annual Atlanta Street Food Festival

A little late… but Saturday was the 3rd Annual Atlanta Street Food Festival in Piedmont Park which hosted over 40 food trucks, vendors, and local artists. It was a little overwhelming at first with the amount of people, long lines, and intense heat but we walked around to take it all in. As we walked around we found every type of food truck imaginable, lots of games, and even rides!

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We walked around a good bit which made me happy because I was able to get some steps on my Fitbit but we eventually found a place in the shade to sit. The heat was a little too much to handle for an extended amount of time but the shade felt nice. We eventually got back up and moseyed around for a good bit looking at all the different food options. There were so many different types of food and everything looked absolutely amazing. We would pass people carrying food and part of me really wanted to stop them to ask where they got it from!


 I had read an article about some of the food trucks going and one mentioned fried green tomatoes which I had to have before we left. We set out on a mission to find them! After reading half the menus we stumbled upon Ibiza Bites and knew this was the place! After further research I found out that it was voted Best of Atlanta 2011 New Food Truck by Atlanta Magazine and one of the Top 15 Food Trucks in America by the Food Network.

The line was a little daunting but I had to have the fried green tomatoes and they had set up a tent for you to stand under so we waited! Lucky for us it moved pretty fast and we got our food in less than ten minutes! I had friends who waited over an hour to get food at one truck.

photo 4

We order the coconut fried chicken and the crispy fried green tomatoes to share – who doesn’t love a fully fried meal!? The tomatoes make it health, right?

photo 1

photo 3

The food was DELICIOUS! We ate every bite and I wanted more. The fried green tomatoes had a spicy sauce on them which was absolutely heavenly! If you see Ibiza Bites around town, then you definitely need to stop and grab the tomatoes! I promise you won’t regret it.

photo 2

Next year I would love to go back but I will definitely pack a blanket to lay on – the grass was a little itchy!


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