Atlanta Mylanta #FILA

When I tell people that I am from Atlanta they immediately give me a concerned look. Usually their next words are either “wow…big city” or “how do you handle that traffic?” And I usually follow up with “I promise its not that big” and “I don’t usually hit traffic unless I am leaving town.” Then they give me a funny look and change the subject….

What people don’t understand is that I am completely serious – Atlanta is not that big!! Everything I do and could ever need is within a 5 mile radius: my work is less than a mile, my church is down the hill, the bars are across the street, and there is a Starbucks a mile away and, just like a small town, I always run into someone that I know.

Yes, the city of Atlanta is big but the community that you live in is not.

It helps that I live in a centrally located area so even in a big city walking places is pretty easy. I use to walk to Pure Barre, I have walked to the mall, and I walk to Trader Joes often. Sometimes the walking is a little terrifying (example: people going 50 mph down Peachtree..while texting) but its nice to get some fresh air after work while running a few errands.

Just yesterday I went on my usual after work walk to get some Fitbit Steps and ended up at Trader Joe’s buying some fruit and flowers – two things I definitely did not need but always love having. 

Trader Joes

I have found that the key to happiness in Atlanta is to live, work, and play in the same area. This cuts down on traffic and adds time to do fun things like exploring the community in which you live. I love going walking and exploring Buckhead, especially watching the construction at the Peachtree and Roswell Road intersection. Shake Shack is opening in September and Your Pie opened recently! I am hoping to walk to Your Pie and try it out this weekend. Any suggestions on what to get? 

FILA…and Shake Shack.


I'd love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas! Please comment!

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