150 Mile Month Challenge Completed

Yesterday was the last day of my 150 miles in a month challenge and I am so happy to report that I have completed my goal!

Total Miles: 151.5

I was worried that on the last day I would have to play catch up but yesterday I got to take it easy and only walked 4.5 miles. Due to my continuous work throughout the month I was able to stay on track to reach my goal and even surpassed it (by a little). To put it into perspective, 150 miles is roughly the equivalent of walking from Atlanta, GA to Montgomery, AL.

FitBit Flex

I am thrilled that I was able to complete this challenge and even more thrilled to let my legs and feet rest this holiday weekend. I think I attempted to do too much too soon and may have a stress fracture in my ankle but honestly it was worth it. As you can see below, averaging 5 miles a day was a bit of a reach compared to my normal activity. This month I averaged 11,372 steps a day which is 341,160 total steps.

 FitBit Flex Reading

I recommend everyone pushing themselves to get up and walk more every day not only for the fun of it but to also look and feel better. I recently received an Aria Fitbit Scale and according to that, walking 150 miles has made a difference in my weight and BMI. I have made a slight adjustment to my diet (aka not having pizza and bagels) but not much. I have to attribute most of the weight change to walking 150 miles.

I have read many articles that dispute if running or walking is better for you and I personally would rather walk for over an hour than run for 30 minutes. I burn around the same amount of calories and go roughly the same distance. Yes, running is better if you are trying the shed the pounds but that has never been my goal – and I think running is cruel and unusual punishment.

Whatever you prefer, any exercise is better than nothing!

Speaking of walking….my dad is participating in the Heart Walk for the American Heart Association on September 20th and has a fundraising goal of $3,000. The walk is to promote physical activity to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke (which are the No. 1 and No. 4 killers in the US). The American Heart Association has a hefty goal to reduce death and disability due to cardiovascular diseases and stroke, by 20% by 2020.

Dad and Me!

My dad shares my competitive nature so please help him blow through his goal of $3,000! I am so proud of him for doing this and I really want him to raise all of the money! To donate, click here. My dad and I appreciate your support!

American Heart Association


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