Summer Sunshine By the Water

My favorite thing about summer is being near/on the water. My mom is a Florida girl and I think I got her love and need for bodies of water. Fortunately for me, my parents have a lake house which is only an hour and a half away so getting away for the weekend on the lake is rather simple!
Packing a weekend bag for the lake has become second nature…toss in the essentials and I am ready to go Friday at 5! Two things that I can never leave the house without are my Ray Bans and OPI Cajun Shrimp nail polish on my toes.

Currently I am lusting over this and every Mara Hoffman bathing suit! They are all amazing but I can’t pull the trigger on it since usually my bathing suits are from Target. But it is beautiful!
I also love the idea of using a kimono as a coverup! Why not, right? This one is from Hollister, shockingly enough, and is the perfect beach coverup. Its light, simple, and machine washable to get all of the sand off!
By the Water

Happy Friday to all! And I hope everyone is able to be near the water this weekend and I double hope that it doesn’t rain!
I will be finishing up my FitBit challenge on Monday and I am on schedule to get 150 miles!  So close yet so far!

I'd love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas! Please comment!

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