Double Duty Friday – A Non-Rooftop and 150 Miles

Well, to say this week has been crazy would be an understatement. I’ve gotten a little behind so I am going to combine this week’s rooftop bar experience with my update on my 150 miles challenge this month!

This week Katie and I tried 5 Seasons Westside  (other locations: Prado and in Alpharetta) for our rooftop bar outing which was a new one for both of us. We’d both driven by it before and thought it looked cool and finally we had the chance to try it. It is known for serving its own beers and the knowledgeable staff who can recommend a beer based on your tastes. I am not a beer drinker so I wasn’t overly thrilled but they had an extensive wine and spirits list and, much to my surprise, a full menu with all organic and locally grown foods.

We initially went inside to see the hostess and Katie asked if we could sit upstairs; sadly, the hostess said that it was closed for an event. Therefore, we went with the next best option for alfresco dining on their tiny porch.  We both ordered beers; I got Elmer’s Gluten Free Beer which is described on their website as “Buckwheat, sorghum and gluten free brewers yeast. Nice, light, citrus notes with a crisp finish.” It was good for a gluten free beer but I am not much of a beer girl so I am not a fair judge. Katie got the 5th Avenue Pale Ale which is described as “An American Pale Ale, dry hopped w/ Socachi Ace hops. Aromas of fresh grapefruit, hop vines, and lemon zest.” She really enjoyed it!

For dinner Katie had the burger which looked amazing and I had the bean burger. The waitress suggested I get avocado added on so I did. It was a great recommendation and a delicious bean burger.

5 Seasons Brewery Westside
5 Seasons Brewery Westside

The porch we were sitting on was right by the road so that was a little loud at times. At one point we got a show because a cop pulled over a car right by us. We still aren’t sure why but the cop was patrolling to find someone. Please be careful while over there and NEVER drink and drive.

Overall, I give Five Seasons five stars! The food and atmosphere were great! And I am sure if you like beer then this is an awesome place to go. I definitely want to go back and try the rooftop bar – I bet it has some great views of midtown. This would be a great, casual date night place for couples who enjoy beer!


150 Miles Month Challenge Update – Today marks two-thirds of the month over and I am happy to report that I am two-thirds to my goal. To stay on track the past 19 days I needed to average 95 miles so far and yesterday I was over the goal at 95.03 miles! I am optimistic that I will get 5 today as well to hit the 100 mile mark – I’ve already done one mile this morning thanks to my trip to Grady!

Last week I really kicked it into gear and I got over 7 miles most days. This week I haven’t been as aggressive and have been slacking a little since I’ve been so busy. Wednesday I barely even got 3,000 at work – VERY hectic work day!

FitBit Update: 150 Miles Month Challenge
FitBit Update: 150 Miles Month Challenge

But I am ecstatic that I am on track and hoping I can get 50 more in the next 10 days! Ps. Update coming soon on the amazing customer service at FitBit! I can’t say enough how much I love this product and company!

Happy Steppin!



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