150 Miles Month Challenge

I have challenged myself to walk 150 miles in one month – which for all you math challenged folks is 5 miles a day for 30 days. When I got my Fitbit Flex in December it automatically set my daily goals at 10,000 steps and 5 miles but for me 10,000 steps only comes out to about 4.5 miles. After reaching 10,000 steps pretty consistently during the month of May, I decided to up my challenge to get 150 miles in one month meaning 5 miles a day (or at least averaging that during the month). I calculated that I did roughly 128 miles in May and 120 miles in April so 150 would be a big leap.

Today was the first time I checked in to see how I was doing and I am sad to report that I am falling behind. I am 4.47 miles short of 50 miles which would keep me on track to do 150 this month. I will really have to kick it into high gear over the next 20 days to make sure that I reach my goal! Some of my inhibitors over the past ten days have been making plans after work and the bad weather due to summer showers.


Today is the perfect example – I have dinner plans which means I can’t workout after work so I thought I would walk to work in order to get extra steps in. I was all set and had my tennis shoes on with my pencil skirt and Beyonce Pandora playing and I started my walk. As I was walking I noticed a little drop but I was under trees so I didn’t really think it was too bad. Then I got out from under the trees and realized I needed to turn around and drive to work. With my luck I would get halfway to work and the bottom would drop out or it would be pouring when I leave work.

To offset my inability to walk after work today, during my lunch break I walked to the Kroger that is half a mile away to grab an apple and then walked back. It was a nice walk since it is still overcast and I was able to get a lot of steps!  Sometimes I have to get a little creative to get steps during the work day because sitting in a cube doesn’t allow for much.

Two solutions for having evening plans and summer showers would be walking in the morning before work or using a treadmill on the rainy days but the chances of either of those happening are very slim. I am really bad about pressing the snooze button when I set an alarm to workout in the mornings and I think treadmills are worse than going to the dentist (and I really hate the dentist).

Next check in on my progress will be on June 20th! I challenge everyone to walk – doesn’t matter if its 100 miles or 150 miles! Set a goal that works for you and your lifestyle and do the best you can.



I'd love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas! Please comment!

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