A Little Slice of Italia

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy two summers ago and absolutely fell in love with the culture, the people, and most importantly, the food. My love for fantastic pizza runs deep and I love to scout out places in Atlanta to get a little slice of Italia. I have read that if you are looking for authentic Italian pizza then the best place to go  in Atlanta is Antico Pizza.

I was a little apprehensive about going because I have heard stories of how packed it can get on weekends and how you have to hover over someone in order to get a table and once you get one people are hovering over you OR (possibly even worse) your pizza comes out before you have a table and you are awkwardly holding a large pizza with nowhere to sit. Neither are ideal situations so I was ecstatic when my boyfriend (who lives out of town) said he would be coming into town and wanted to have a date night on a week night!


So last night we finally got the opportunity to try out Antico and I have to say it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have been before but it was years ago so I was happy to reignite my love for the great pizza. Because it was a Thursday night we really did not have a problem with parking and even after we ordered we found a table almost immediately – everything sort of worked out perfectly. I poured my mini bottle of Chianti into a plastic cup which is provided on the table and less than a minute later our pizza was delivered to the table and we dug in.


We got the Capricciosa pizza which has mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto cotto, and bufala – I HIGHLY recommend this deliciousness! The place is rather entertaining because you are basically sitting in the kitchen area and can see the pizzas being made and put in one of the multiple pizza ovens. It reminded me of my favorite pizza place in Florence – Italian music playing and all! As we are sitting there we start to get hotter and hotter to the point where we are both sweating (attractive on a date, right?). It is a small room so with the pizza ovens going on a hot summer evening it makes for a toasty environment. We quickly finished the pizza and headed outside to get some air!

Overall, the experience was delightful! It was a fun and casual date night and I can’t wait to go back and try another pizza! Everything on the menu looks amazing and it is my mission to try them all! I definitely recommend going on a week night to avoid the mayhem but I’ve been told the trick for the weekends is to get it to go – you never have to wait more than five minutes!


After dinner we headed to Chastain Park to get my steps in on the FitBit (since we pretty much devoured an entire pizza) but the ominous clouds worried me so we didn’t get too far before turning around. About half a hour later the rain had slowed down and the sky turned the most amazing red color. We got closer to look at it and noticed a perfect rainbow – as I was taking a picture of the rainbow lightning stuck and it was captured in the photo. Truly incredible!!




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