The Ladies Who Brunch

Now that we are dressed to impress for brunch, where should we go?

My favorite brunch places in Atlanta:

(Disclaimer: These are in no particular order! Also, I am not a foodie and do not pretend to be one – I just know what I like and where I’ve been 🙂 )

1)      West Egg Café located on Howell Mill: Definitely one of the best brunches I have ever had. I am a fan of the classic Blue Plate with the garlic grits but everything on the menu makes my mouth water. If I am feeling in the lunch mood then I typically go for the Fried Green Tomato BLT. YUM! I’ve been told the Bloody Mary’s are great but I am not a huge fan of them so I haven’t tried. I can, however, recommend the mimosa! No matter what you will have to wait in a line but I guarantee that it is worth the wait. Either grab a drink from the bar area or there are some shops around the corner you can go in while you wait.


2)      Front Page News located on Crescent Avenue: I just went here for the first time this weekend and fell in love. I am already planning my next trip! I got the Fried Green Tomato (can you tell I like those?) Benedict and it was phenomenal. I had a hard time deciding between that and the Fried Chicken Biscuits but I had to go with my gut instinct – both are pictured below. This place has a Bloody Mary bar if you are into those (wish I liked them because the bar set up was abundant). Bonus: They have a great porch area for outside dining.


4)      The Nook located on Piedmont Avenue right by Piedmont Park: It is famous for the 32 oz Bloody Mary loaded with every topping you could imagine including a slice of toast and a hard-boiled egg! My favorite part of their menu however are the tatchos, which are tater tots covered in an assortment of toppings. I got the breakfast totchos (tots smothered with chicken sausage gravy, diced chicken sausage, and an egg over easy) and the salmon omelette to split with my boyfriend. It was a lot of food and I am pretty sure I made him finish it because I was too full but there are worse problems to have! Definitely a more relaxed place and it has a great covered outdoor seating area. Bonus: I usually try to get dressed for brunch but Nike Shorts and a t-shirt will not be judged here. Second Bonus: After you eat you can go across the street to Piedmont Park to get some steps on the Fitbit!

3)      Treehouse located in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood on Kings Circle: Breakfast, lunch or dinner this place is one of my top choices. Everything on their menu is remarkable but their brunch menu is by far my favorite. The Eggs Sardou and Southern Style Benedict are two of my favorite dishes and I fully recommend them to anyone and everyone! It has covered outdoor seating which is dog friendly. The dog below was sitting next to us at brunch one day and he was so huge and cute we had to get a picture with him!  To sit outside there is usually a little bit of a wait, never more than ten minutes, but inside you can usually find a seat if you have a smaller group.


5)      Einstein’s (not to be confused with the bagel place) located on Juniper in Midtwon: I’ve only been a couple times and my favorite thing was the outdoor seating! We went about a month or two ago so it was still rather cool and I wasn’t dressed appropriately for the weather but I love outdoor dining. The couple next to us had their dog with them which I absolutely loved. (I wish my dog was well-behaved enough to go to places like that!) Overall the brunch was delightful. I got the classic eggs breakfast during my most recent trip and it was delicious. I definitely want to go back sometime to try something different especially now that it is nice out!

6)       Corner Bakery located in Buckhead on Peachtree Road: My work caters Corner Bakery all the time for business lunches but I had never been in there to sit and have brunch until a few months ago. I’d say its just your average bakery but this place has one thing that other bakeries do not and her name is Yvonne (pictured below) . She is the most friendly person and will always put a smile on your face. You order your food at the counter and then she delivers it to you with a HUG! Yes, she hugs you and she acts as if you are a long lost best friend. WHAT COULD BE BETTER!? The food at the Corner Bakery is really good and I highly recommend it but we mainly go to see Yvonne and to get a hug from her. She will certainly brighten your day!


Click on the titles above to get to the restaurant’s website with menus and addresses. Front Page News does not have a website but I suggest looking up #frontpagenews on Instagram to get a look at everything on the menu.

I look forward to Saturday and Sunday brunch all week long so if you have a recommendation of a new place to try in Atlanta please let me know!


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