Summer Shenanigans

The perfect summer outfit in my mind is something that is cool and breezy for the Atlanta hot summer days and especially the nights. Being 24 and frugal, I like to get the most bang for my buck by buying pieces that work from Saturday morning brunch to Saturday night activities. This white tank provides the necessary flow to keep you cool but still sassy with the back details. Switch out the accessories for the night and you are ready to hit the town.

From my closet: 
  • Gold Tory Sandals – Absolutely LOVE these. I got them on sale a few weeks ago and they are still on sale! I wear them to work and with jorts. They are extremely comfortable and very cute!
  • Leather Skort – I have a similar one from Zara and wear it all the time. It was an impulse buy and now I wish I could wear it every day. My friends were a little apprehensive at first but I think they have warmed up to it now!
  • Black Forever21 wedges – another impulse purchase that really surprised me! They are pretty comfortable and everyone is shocked when I say they are from Forever21.
  • OPI Nail Polish – I picked out this color for a fun change to my nails (I usually do light pinks on my nails so this was a drastic change). I definitely recommend this as a summer color.
  • Love Knot Earrings – My dad gave a pair of these to my mom years ago and this time last year I “borrowed” them from her. I wear them daily! -P.S. Thanks mom and dad! 🙂

Lusting after: 

  • White Tank – I love simple pieces that can be jazzed up with accessories because you can get away with wearing them more! This one has great back details which will highlight a summer tan.
  • Evil Eye Bracelet – I went to Greece a few years ago and the evil eye was everywhere! Ever since I have thought it was such a great symbol. Its only $32!!
  • Kendra Scott necklace – definitely a splurge item but it is gorgeous!  I just got a pair of earring from their store that just opened at the Shops Around Lenox!

Summer Shenanigans

H M white tank top
$33 –

H M clothing
$25 –

Tory burch shoes ON SALE!!

Chandelier earrings

Cuff bangle

Blue Nile stud earrings Love Knots

Crystal jewelry Evil Eye Bracelet

OPI nail polish

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