OVERALL, I love Fridays

The overalls look is one that has enticed me recently. It started when my trendy and fashionable bestie, Allie, got overalls a while ago (she’s consistently ahead of trends) and as always rocked them better than everyone –but in a cool, confident way that makes you think you can do it too. She has the ability to make anything and everything look fabulous so I was completely inspired. I, however, wasn’t courageous enough to jump right in and actually buy a pair so I took to Pinterest and pinned every overall I saw.


I think overalls are kind of a funny trend – takes me back to the 90s when I wore them on field trip days and play dates. Now its a style that is a little bit southern and a little bit city! So two weeks ago on my birthday shopping outing with my mother, I bee-lined straight towards the overalls. My mother was not impressed but reluctantly gave in to my birthday wish! I had read a few different blogs about them and found a pair from American Eagle (listed below) that had the casual and slouchy look that I was going for. I’ve worn them a few times now and absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and easy!

Overalls - AE

Here are some overalls that I love!

1. Overalls - Asos

2. Overalls - AE

3. Overalls - Madewell

4. Overalls - Urban Outfitters

1. ASOS (Absolutely love these!!!!)

2. American Eagle  (I have these and cuff the bottom)

3. Madewell (Completely classic)

4. Urban Outfitters (Long and fabulous)

When it comes to the overalls look, in the wise words of Lady Sovereign “Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession.”

Have an OVERALL blessed day.


I'd love your thoughts, feedback, and ideas! Please comment!

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